Copenhagen’s Alternative Art Fair


During the Alt_Cph we would like to produce a film in collaboration with the local community. The aim is to create a film, based on the gathered stories related to the Fabrikken.

We refer both to the tradition of the antique Greek chorus – the narrator of Greek tragedies and to the contemporary practices such as Lars von Trier’s “Kingdom”. In the series, two people suffering from the Down Syndrome, who work in a giant hospital laundrette, take over the role of the chorus. We would like to trigger interest and focus on the meaning of “backstage” in its widest form.

Deriving from the history of the Fabrikken, we would like to research its role in the local community. Fabrikken was not only used as a shelter for poor and underprivileged margins of society but also as a substance abuse rehabilitation centre. Then it became the social and cultural hub of the area.

We also refer to the notion of nomadism, which seems to describe well the condition of independent art spaces. In a sense we are the nomads, visiting places that constantly enrich our views.